29 Apr 2014

That’s a Wrap!

Corn Sprout 2014 with Poncho/VOTiVO

Corn Sprout 2014

What a week! We started planting corn on April 19, 2014, paused for Easter Sunday, and hit it hard again come Monday. On Saturday, April 26, 2014, we completed corn planting for 2014! Unlike 2013, this was an easy spring. I don’t feel like we ever had a day where we pushed it hard, just a nice solid day everyday, and acres kept disappearing. As for conditions, I don’t know if I had a year where the ground was anymore perfect, across all fields. Wet spots were few and far between, and also not too dry, this allows the ground to give a nice, fluffy seedbed.

The corn we planted on April 19, 2014 is just starting to emerge. I dug some kernels on Sunday and took a few pictures.

The pink coloring of the kernel is due to a seed treatment called Poncho/VOTiVO. We treat all our corn that we plant with a type of seed treatment. The Poncho helps protect the seed from several different things, including grubs, other soil insects and the seed rotting.

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28 Apr 2014

Crop Watch Roundtable Episode 6

Crop Watch Roundtable Episode 2This week on our tour around the country talking to farmers, we visit with growers in Nebraska, South Dakota, Illinois and Indiana. Plant 2014 is really progressing across the U.S. — thanks to these growers we learn how well its going. To end the podcast, I tell you a little about my operation and how we are getting along.

Farmers Interviewed:

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21 Apr 2014

Crop Watch Roundtable Episode 5

Crop Watch Roundtable Episode 2On this week’s episode, we hear about Kansas planting progress, Oklahoma wheat and canola conditions, and, finally, a tour of the “I” states, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana, to hear what activity is happening.

Farmers Interviewed:

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